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Motorcycle tourism is a growing and important market. Motorcycle tourists are generally older, have a high disposable income and are willing to spend money. Your business should be taking every opportunity to market your products and services to motorcyclists who go touring.  

Motorcycle travel is an important niche market. Statistics show most riders are 40-plus years old and have a fairly high income level that allows them to purchase a touring motorcycle and gear. Most travel as couples and 95% seek lodging during a trip. In addition, they spend money on food, fuel and entertainment.” - Oklahoma Tourism  

Household incomes of American and Canadian motorcyclists are well above-average. Culture and entertainment activities are important to motorcyclists while on trips, and they participate more frequently than non-motorcyclists in shopping and dining; historical sites, museums and art galleries; musical concerts, festivals and attractions; and fairs and festivals.” - Ontario’s Southwest Motorcycle Tourism Report – June 2011  

The Motorcyclist is one of the Purest of Tourists A motorcyclist needs to stop every 2-3.5 hours for fuel due to the small size of their fuel tanks. Safe motorcycling requires a rider to stay hydrated, which means when they stop for fuel, they will most likely buy a beverage. Motorcycles can only haul so much. Because of their limited space a motorcyclist can often be found in drug stores, camping supply stores, gift/souvenir shops and courier/shipping offices to send gifts, souvenirs and the like home. Motorcycling by its very nature makes these people most likely to stop and visit roadside attractions, visitor centers, museums and other attractions along with restaurants/pubs, coffee shops and ice cream stands. Because of their small fuel tanks, they are more apt to visit more attractions than other types of motorists.” - Motorcycle Tourism  

Motorcycle tourism is growing and attracting new riders with both disposable income and leisure time - the necessary ingredients for tourism. Appealing to this niche market can lead to significant economic benefits. Motorcycle tourism is the fastest growing segment in the tourism industry in the USA.” - Diane Skyes and Katherine Kelly, Kaplan University, 2014?  

Motorcycle riders tend to be in professional occupations, with a high disposable income.” - Tourism Victoria 2013  

Motorcyclists are better off and better educated than the general population. A typical "biker" is a working married person with a disposable income to spend on a recreational vehicle and all of the good and services required to have fun with it. In addition to the bike itself, motorcyclists spend money on gear, motorcycle registration and insurance, maintenance, magazines, movies, books, tours and trade shows. Every time they ride they spend money on gas, food and drinks. They visit attractions, buy souvenirs and rent lodging. Motorcyclists are good guests. They arrive late, leave early and are happy during their stay.” - Vermont Tourism, April 2013