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It wasn’t easy to prepare and organise a motorcycle trip into the Australian outback. We motorcyclists depend on a wide range of businesses to ensure that we are safe, comfortable and happy.

Our motorcycles were bought from dealers or from individuals. The motorcycles needed to be carefully serviced and kitted out with accessories. To protect ourselves, we needed quality riding gear.

It was great to be a member of the Ulysses Club because that gave me the opportunity to travel from Sydney to Perth and from Sydney to Darwin. The knowledge that there are like-minded people travelling on your same journey gives a sense of security, knowing there would always be someone prepared to help in case of an emergency. The camaraderie of the Ulysses Club members we met along the journey was also immensely enjoyable.

An essential resource was the road and travel maps we referred to along the way. And I must acknowledge the valuable information we get from motorcycle magazines. We also needed motorcycle insurance and roadside assistance. In my case, I also needed my motorcycles carefully transported back to Sydney from Darwin.

The hotels, caravan parks, service centres, pubs, cafes and restaurants where we stopped, ate, drank and filled our motorcycles with petrol were vital to us reaching our destinations each day. Our special thanks must go to the people who live in these desolate outback settlements and who looked after us travellers.

And I just must mention the fabulous vistas, scenery, environment and the wonders of nature that we were fortunate to see and experience on these memorable journeys.

I am proud to work with the partners that have supported the publication of this book and recommend them to you and your friends. They are reliable, professional and have demonstrated integrity with great customer service.